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Create Flawless Curls Every Time!

We've all been there, we step out the shower and love the way our hair is perfectly defined and frizz-free. Our coils, curls, and waves are at its most defined state fresh out the shower. What happens after that? We touch and manipulate, apply product too late, scrunch too aggressively, etc; before we know it we look up and our hair has transformed from smooth defined curls to nothing but frizz with a couple curls here and there.

Most of the time, you can just be missing one key step to change the outcome of your curls on wash day. So, even though these steps are simple, continue to read and tweak your curl defining routine until you have the look you desire!

Wash With Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Shampoo in the shower: This doesn't seem like much, but when you shampoo in the shower (or salon sink) it keeps your curls pointing downward. The more you manipulate the curls the more frizz you create. Smooth curls start during the shampoo and conditioning process.

  • Conditioning process: Same as the shampoo process, depending on how smooth and detangled your curls are during the conditioning process, also determines the amount of frizz you have once your hair is dry. So, detangle well. Detangle until you are able to easily run your detangling tool smoothly through the hair.

  • Rinse: When it is time to rinse (for both shampoo and conditioner) rinse the curls by allowing the water to fall downward. Do not rinse by flipping your head upside down, then flipping your head back.

Make Sure The Hair Is Fully Detangled

Detangling the hair with a conditioner is the best way to do it. The step that most skip, is making sure the hair is THOROUGHLY detangled (I know we keep mentioning this, but that is ho