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How to Cut Curly Hair/Extensions

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We understand that, at this moment in 2021, it is not always easy to go to your hairstylist and get your curls and/or curly extensions cut and shaped. Cutting your curls can be daunting at first but we, at Nahara's Curls, have come up with our 6 tips to cut your own curly hair/extensions yourself!


  • Good quality shears. Please please please do NOT use your scissors you use for cutting paper. You have to use a pair of sharp hair shears in order for your cut to come out the most professional looking. You don't have to spend a fortune on shears but go to your local beauty supply store and you should be able to find affordable shears for around $15 or maybe even less. Once you have those shears only use those for when cutting hair! Do not use them for anything else, you risk causing dullness to the shears.

  • Clips. Good sturdy clips will help keep your sections clean. Clean sections will prevent you from cutting something you didn't want to be cut.