Can I Dye Nahara’s Curls Extensions?

Dying Nahara's Curls Hair Extensions at Home:

Step By Step

Whether you're trying to go for a whole new look or simply match your extensions to your natural hair, we've got some great tips and product recommendations to allow this process to go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

This is a quick reminder that Nahara's Curls Extensions are 100% human hair. That means they can be dyed, heat styled, cut, and chemically processed. Still treat them with care, just like your own natural hair. Our extensions are steam treated to create those beautiful and natural looking curls, so please keep in mind that if you "over do it" or apply extremely harsh chemicals to you hair, you are risking to loose some of the curl pattern. When dying extensions you want to take it slow and gentle. Please do not rush the process.

If you feel some hesitation:

We highly recommend going to a professional hair stylist, to dye your hair extensions. One who is skilled with color and extensions. Color can get tricky and professional hair stylists are trained in color and application.

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You'll need a couple things:

Latex Gloves

Hair dye of your choice

Developer (this is what mixes and activates the hair color)


We've tried a lot of different dyes to do the testing for you guys and we have a couple that were the best and one that we highly recommend you stay away from.

Clairol Soyplex LiquiColor Permanente is hands down the best permanent color to use on Nahara's Curls Extensions. It left the hair feeling soft, moisturized, and even more manageable than before!

Photo by @clairol_pro

Aveda Permanent Color was a close second. It didn't cause any change in the feel of the hair and was gentle on the hair. The only downside to Aveda is that it is not available to the public. You have to get it done at an Aveda Certified Salon.

Pravana Permanent Color was definitely the most harsh on the hair. We DO NOT recommend using this on Nahara's Curls Extensions. We found it to strip the moisture out of the hair and we were not able to bring the moisture back. We also experienced excessive tangling and even more shedding after we used this hair dye. Pravana is a great hair color line, but just not for Nahara's Curls Extensions.



It is important to make sure your extensions are in the perfect condition to take the color. When you have product residue or tangles, you can end up with blotchy, uneven color. That's the exact opposite of what we want!

So, start off by washing the hair and gently detangling, when the hair has conditioner in it.

Once the hair is clean and detangled, let it air-dry overnight. You cannot dye hair effectively on wet hair (unless the dye specifically calls for that).

Now it is time to mix up your color! Mix your hair color and developer together in an applicator bottle, follow the directions the hair dye gives you. Sometimes the directions come in a little paper slip inside of the box, but sometimes the directions are written on the inner walls of the dye box. If they are written on the inner wall of the box, gently open the to lay it flat so you can read them clearly.


Now you're ready to begin!


Lay your hair out flat. This will ensure you coat every strand and won't miss any spots. We recommend folding wefts over onto itself so that it is a doubled or quadrupled.

What to put the hair on during the dying process?

We find that using a trash bag works perfectly. Cut it open so it lays flat and place the folded wefts on top. Please do not dye hair over carpet or anything you do not want stained. Best place to dye hair is outside or in a garage. If you have to work indoors, place a cardboard box down.

Apply the color by squeezing the applicator bottle. When dying extensions, it is better to use too much dye, than to have too little. You want the hair to look like it is wet. If the extensions look dry, you most likely need to apply a little more color.

DON'T FORGET THE BACK! Super important to flip the hair over and check out the back and reapply color. Most of the time we make sure the top of the hair is coated and assume that it transferred to the back, but I am here to remind you that there will be spots missed in the back almost 100% of the time. So flip it over and apply an even coat of color to the back of the wefts or clip-ins.

Use a paddle brush or comb to gently go through the hair to create even distributions. This step is not 100% necessary but it does add peace of mind knowing you won't have any patches that were not dyed.

Once you have coated the hair, place hair on a towel (one you don't mind getting stained) or fold the trash bag over onto itself to cover hair. Read the directions for the recommended processing time.


Once you have allowed the hair color to process for the recommended time, it is time to rinse. Under luke-warm water, rinse the hair until most of the dye has been removed. Gently shampoo hair as normal , then condition. Comb through while conditioner is in. Rinse in cool water. This helps the color "lock in" and will allow the color to be vibrant for as long as possible.

Drying is the final step! Blow dry or allow the hair to air-dry (which is recommended) and enjoy your new hair!


We do not recommend bleaching your extensions. Bleach is very harsh on hair (natural or extensions) and if you were not professionally trained, you can do more harm than good. If you feel you have to bleach the hair please take it to a trusted PROFESSIONAL hair stylist. It is not recommended to use a developer over 30 Volume when bleaching extensions.


Olaplex is a full system to repair color treated hair (natural or extensions) before the damage even starts! We're not kidding, it's really a miracle worker. The star ingredient is Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. That is their patented ingredient that actively restores broken bonds. It finds and targets the sections of the hair that have been broken down (from straighteners, color, bleach, blowdryers, or natural elements like sun and chlorine) and works to reconnect those bonds to create a stronger hair strand.

The first two steps of Olaplex (No. 1 and 2) are only available to professionals. So, yes you will have to go to a professional stylist and have them dye your extensions. But trust us, it is worth it! Incorporating these steps into your dying process will allow your hair extensions to stay in pristine condition, which means a much longer lifespan.

Photo by @olaplex

To find salons that use the Olaplex system, check out the website.

Olaplex has great at-home treatments available to you. You can still use the at-home treatments even if you don't use No. 1 and 2! It still doesn't replace using No. 1 and 2 but it will still keep your extensions healthy.

The at-home systems range from No. 3 to 7. Find the best one for you here

Can I return/exchange if I am not happy with the end result?

Please note, dyeing, toning or bleaching hair extensions may alter the structure of the hair and result in a shorter lifespan. Dyeing, toning, and bleaching are done at the customers discretion. Although many customers have dyed their Nahara's Curls Extensions successfully, we are not responsible or accept returns or exchanges on hair extensions that have been treated with dye, toner, or any color depositing shampoos/conditioners/products. Also, we will be unable to provide an exchange or refund for sets that have been damaged due to bleaching.

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