Coloring Your Natural Hair Clip-In Extensions

We understand that sometimes some of us have to color our clip-ins for them to match our hair perfectly. So, to make the process easy for you, we have laid out the steps for creating a base color and/or highlights!

Base Color:

  1. Mixed any professional permanent
    or semi permanent hair color with your developer (we advise not to exceed 30 volume developer). We love Clairol Soy4Plex hair color line
  2. Apply the mixture to all of the hair, making sure it was fully saturated (can take up to 45 mins to apply)
  3. Let it sit for 30 mins to an hour. Continue to check the hair throughout the processing time, rinse when you like the color. The time you leave the color on depends on the temperature of the environment, the hotter it is the shorter the processing time. The cooler the environment, the longer the processing time.
  4. Shampoo and condition once it reaches the desired level



  1. Mix any high-lift lightener (bleach) with your developer until it gets to a pancake batter consistency. We usually use Pravana or Redken Flash Lift, but any high lift bleach will work Pro tip: Using Olaplex with your lightener will help protect your curls and the health of your extensions
  2. Fully saturate the hair and don't skimp out on the product! The hair has to be completely saturated in the lightener


  1. **1.1 Most important step - Keep the lightener covered in foil. While applying the lightener to the clip-ins we recommend having a big plastic bag underneath the hair and once lightener has been applied (before moving onto the next bunch), place foils on top of the hair to keep the lightener wet. ** Once lightener starts to dry out it stops working so it is very important that it is covered with foil or plastic.
  2. Check every so often to see how the extensions are lifting. If you notice the bleach is drying out, apply more. It is best to not throw out excess bleach from the first application, just in case you need it later
  3. Let sit for 20 mins to an hour. Once again the time depends on the environment (see step 3 in base color) and how light you want the hair to be
  4. You can apply a little heat to the hair to speed up the lightening process but only do it a couple times in increments. Do not apply heat for longer than 5 mins. We noticed that when you apply heat to our curls while it has lightener on it, the curls loosen up.
  5. Rinse out once the hair reaches the desired color
  6. If you rinsed it out and it is still a little too dark, simply repeat steps 1-6


Well there it is folks! The perfect step-by-step guide on how to color your Nahara's Curls Clip-In Extensions!

P.s You can also use these techniques when color your bundles, wigs, or lace closures

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If you still are feeling unsure and want more help, don't hesitate to send us an email!


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