How To: Keep Natural Hair Moisturized Under Weaves

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As a retired Natural Hair Stylist, I know a lot of clients main concern when wearing weaves was "How do I keep my natural hair healthy and happy?! I want it to thrive under this weave!"

Well the good news is that it is sooo easy!


- You're hair has to be prepped before going into any protective style. This means doing a deep conditioning mask, protein treatment, clay mask, etc. Use whatever your hair responds well to, but it HAS to be some type of treatment. Leave-in conditioners are not enough.

Here is our favorite deep conditioner at the moment: Amika Soulfood Nourishing Maskhttps

- TRIM those ends! It might not seem like a big deal going into the style because "It's being put away anyway". But you're not thinking long term. When it's time for you to take that weave down after 6-8 weeks, those ends will still be there. Having damaged and split ends just cause your hair to tangle wayyy more than healthy ends. So your detangling process will be even more stressful (for you and your hair). Save yourself the struggle and your hair the pain and just trim you hair if its time.

- Clean hair. Your hair and scalp must be clean before you go into any type of protective style. No, a co-wash is not enough.

Shampoos that are great cleansers:

- Aveda Shampure

- Trader Joe's Tea Tree Shampoo

Install (probably the most important part):

- It is imperative to make sure you go to a stylist that doesn't only care about the final look. They should also care about the condition of your hair and scalp

- They should not braid so tight that you are in pain.

- As a stylist I used to always spray my clients with rose water followed up with an oil spray or a light oil on their hair and scalp. Rose water is great for inflammation and hydration. I still use it all the time on my hair and my daughters hair. You can find those links under "Maintenance"

- Some don't know, but the tension on your hair and scalp can also be caused by sewing on the wefts too tight. The thread can cause your hair strands to snap. Same with braids, the thread should be sewn securely but not overly tight.

- TIP: Nylon thread is less drying than cotton thread

Here's a direct link



Easiest part of an install is the maintenance, because you hardly have to do anything!

- If you have a normal to oily scalp you don't have to add any product to your scalp on a daily basis!

- If you have a dry scalp you can make a mixture (ratio 1:1) of rose water and a light oil such as Jojoba, Argan, Black Seed Oil, or Grapeseed Oil. Apply to scalp 2-4 times a week using an applicator bottle. Dry scalp means a scalp that is overly itchy and scaly. Please keep in mind that dandruff is not necessarily due to dry scalp. If you are unsure of your scalp type please go see your dermatologist.

Rose Water:

Grapeseed Oil:

Argan Oil:

Black Seed Oil:

Jojoba Oil:


- When washing your weave don't be afraid to get in there. Massage your scalp between those braids. You don't necessarily have to stress about making sure your getting shampoo onto your braids and scalp, the purpose of this is to maintain good blood flow to your scalp. We recommend shampooing your hair once a week with weaves. Blood flow is KEY to healthy hair that grows



The time has come for take down.

- Someone else can take it down for you or you can do it on your own! Take down should happen around 6-8 weeks after install

- Use small scissors, like eyebrow scissors. These are always my go-to

- If your having someone else take it out they can use seam rippers, they work beautifully and quickly

- Keep a cheap conditioner handy, preferably one that has a wholleeee lotta slip. We love Tresemme Moisture Conditioner

- Detangle with a wide tooth comb and then a good detangling paddle brush. Like and

- Now that your hair is completely taken out and detangled, you can finally wash and condition your hair. Just like the beginning of this article, take good care of your hair. It hasn't been touched in 2 months! That means treatments, treatments, and more TREATMENTS!

Good luck on your hair journey!

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