Swimming With Natural Hair Extensions

Swimming is a must when you feel like you are being devoured in the summer heat. It's a great way to exercise while staying cool and is going to happen on almost every summer vacation.

But what are you supposed to do if you're rocking your hair extensions, especially kinky, curly hair extensions? Isn't chlorine or salt water bad for them? Don't I need to protect them?

The truth is yes, salt water and chlorine can affect your extensions and even your own natural hair. But don't worry! You can do a few things to help keep hair extensions moisturized and happy.

First lets dive into why salt water and chlorine can have a negative impact on your hair.

Salt water and chlorine not only have a negative impact on your extensions, but also on your natural hair as well. These two

elements can cause excessive drying if you neglect your hair. It can dry out your extensions and cause more tangles or even worse, matting.

Think about it, salt water and chlorine cause your own natural hair to become more dry than usual. Your extensions will feel that same impact, except hair extensions tend to become more dry because they simply do not have the access to your scalp's natural sebum for extra moisture.

We don't want you to think you are ever limited when wearing extensions. You can go on vacation and have a great time in the pool or ocean. Extensions are supposed to be fun and playful. So, here are some tips to help everything go smooth and ensure your extensions are getting the love and moisture they deserve.

Don't Get Your Extensions Wet

Let's start off with the basics, if you aren't a "dive your head under the water" type of person, then this is the option that you won't have a problem sticking with!

There are so many styles you can chose

 from that will have you feeling chic and keep those tresses looking like perfection.

Using a spray bottle filled with fresh water and your favorite leave in, you can slick it all back and do a simple twist/braid and wrap that into a bun (opt for a mid high bun instead of a low bun). Put 4-6 braids in and arrange them in a way so it will be flat and throw on your fav wide brim sun hat and some shades.

Or pineapple it all up! This is always a go to method for us at Nahara's Curls, because its easy simple and cute. Plus, its easy to take the curls down and fluff for a night out.

The options are endless, just figure the vibe you want and go for it!

What If I Want To Swim Under Water?

If you think you might put your hair under the water, we have so tips you can take to protect your hair extensions.

First: Don't EVER wear your hair down and loose. This is a sure way to bring matting into your future. And once the hair is matted, it'll be very hard to detangle.

Second: Don't just jump straight into the pool or ocean with dry hair!

Your hair is like a sponge and if you go straight in with dry hair, your hair will absorb 100% of the salt water or chlorine. This is exactly what we don't want to happen. We must prepare it first.

Before getting in the pool or ocean, we should rinse the extensions with normal/fresh water and add your favorite conditioner. Lightly detangle with a your fingers or your favorite detangling brush. Rinse that conditioner out and you can now start to add your favorite light leave in conditioner.

If you plan on swimming under water, we highly recommend you braid your hair extensions in 4-6 braids and wrapping it into a bun. If you want to ensure your hair is completely protected, we recommend wearing a swim cap.

After Care

Now it is time to care for your hair and bring those curls back to life with moisture.

First step, is to rinse your hair again. We recommend adding a conditioner with great slip, this will allow you to lightly finger detangle your extensions with ease while giving your extensions the extra moisture its craving.

Once you've finger detangled and rinsed out that conditioner, now it is time to shampoo. Since your hair has been dried out from the sun and salt/chlorine water, you want to chose a shampoo that is very mild and gentle. Shampoo your hair once and apply a rich conditioner, we fully support using a deep conditioner for more moisture. Your extensions will appreciate it.

While the conditioner is doing its magic, now is the time to do some more detangling. Use a paddle brush to detangle anything your fingers might have missed. Paddle brushes are more effective at getting every knot out than if you were to use a wide tooth comb. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Always remember to be gentle.

Wearing A Sew In Weave?

When rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner, be mindful that you are also rinsing out your braids underneath. Your natural hair was also affected by the water. Taking a couple extra minutes under the running water and using your finger tips to gently massage your braids and scalp, will do your hair and scalp wonders.

Quick Recap

The main take away is to keep your hair out of the salt and chlorine water as much as possible, but if you do decide to go under, make sure your hair is braided/tied up and not free flowing. And don't forget to soak it with fresh water first.

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