Wash Day

How often you should I wash my sew-in weave? Or do I need to really wash my clip-ins? Can I wash these extensions after my weave is installed?


The answer is yes, yes, and YES!


We get a lot of questions about washing our extensions, so we thought we'd answer this question in a blog post and explain why and the best way to wash your Nahara's Curls extensions.


In this post we'll answer our most asked questions like:

  • How often should I wash my weave?
  • Should I wash my clip-ins on a regular basis?
  • How do I wash my clip-ins?
  • Can these extensions be washed often?
  • How do I properly cleanse the extensions?
  • What products should I use?

    How Often Should I Wash?


    Sew-In Weave:

    We suggest washing your weaves every 7-10 days. Curls (and hair in general) get their moisture from pure H2O, not leave in conditioners. Leave-in conditioners help to keep the water molecules in your hair for as long as possible, but they do not keep the water in your hair forever. This means that the longer you go in between wetting and cleansing your curls, the more dry your curls become.

    Dry curls = frizzy/more tangles curls


    We recommend washing your clip-ins every 9-14 wears (or once a month if you wear them every once in a while). Clip-ins aren't always worn on an every day and night basis like weaves. So you won't

    don't have to worry about cleansing them once a week if you do not wear them everyday.

    However, if you notice you want your clip-ins are not as lively as you would like them, you can always spritz them with water and redefine the curls w/o washing them.

    How do I properly cleanse my extensions?

    Cleansing your curls is also a very important part of keeping your curls bouncy, shiny, and frizz free. When you cleanse your extensions that removes old product build up and gives the hair a chance to absorb all of the water from your shower (or sink if that's where youre washing your hair).

    Tip: Before shampooing allow the water to run through your extensions for about 2-4 mins before applying any shampoo. This allows the curls and product to soften before adding shampoo.

    Co-washes are okay to do on occasion but this is not a method you should be using as a shampoo replacement to cleanse your hair.


    How Do I Wash My Clip-Ins?

    Washing your clip-ins can be a little confusing for first time clip-in owners. But trust us, it's not as hard as you may think!


    1. Grab a thin hair tie and position all your wefts in a uniform direction and wrap them up into a bundle-like form. Use the hair tie to secure hair in place.
    2. Rinse hair for a couple mins under running water. This is to help soften the curls and product, which makes the shampooing process easier while adding moisture to the hair.
    3. Shampoo your clip-ins once or twice with a gentle moisturizing shampoo.
    4. Don't forget to cleanse where the actual clips are! This is where the hair meets your roots and is also prone to your natural sebum that secretes from your scalp.
    5. Rinse shampoo for 1-2 mins.
    6. Apply moisturizing conditioner.
    7. While the conditioner is in the hair, use paddle brush or tangle teaser to gently comb through curls. If it is easier you can comb each weft separately.
    8. Rinse conditioner out
    9. Apply your leave-in conditioner of choice, while using a Denman brush to help define the curls. Tip: If curls seem to be frizzy, try adding more water.
    10. Lay flat to dry or use a pants hanger to dry vertically

      What Products Should I Use?

      You always want to use quality products on your hair and yes, even your extensions. On www.NaharasCurls.com we have listed all of our favorite products that work wonderfully with our extensions!

      Check out our Product Recommendations page to see our full list. We know you'll love them as much as we do!

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